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For caravan hire at Flamingoland you need look no further than Flamingoland Rentals.

We bring you a wide variety of caravans which you can hire directly from the owner.

Finding the Perfect Caravan For You And Your Family:

You can, of course, browse the site at your leisure. If you have certain requirements
the easiest way to search is to use our Advanced Search tool above.

This allows you to select your requirements and we will show you all caravans that meet your criteria.

As caravans are listed by their owners, Flamingoland Rentals cannot be held liable/responsible for any listing inaccuracies or any bookings made.

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 What Makes Us Different

Flamingoland Rentals - Why We're Different

Besides the fact that our web site is unique and packed full of really useful features!

Unlike many other caravan hire web sites, we have first-hand experience, having been private owners ourselves. We purchased our first caravan at Flamingoland almost 10 years ago, we then went on to purchase our second in 2005. After spending many happy holidays at Flamingoland, we decided after nearly 10 years it was time for a change.

You may be wondering why I am telling you this, well I think it's important for potential advertisers to know that having hired out our own Flamingoland caravans, we know first hand just how important bookings are.

We also know first hand how expensive advertising can be, in the beginning like many owners we went down the route of adverting in newspapers and magazines, if you currently use this method then I don't need to tell you how expensive it can be, even for the smallest of adverts, add a photo and the price normally increases even further.

Flamingoland Rentals came about after we decided to take on board all the feedback and comments we had received from our own guests over the years, and also include some features as owners we would have really liked to see offered. Basically creting a site that would really appeal to Flamingoland caravan owners and visitors alike.

I'll explain just a little about what I mean below:

1. People would always want to see as many photographs as possible - We allow you to add up to 10.

2. We were always asked what it was equipped with - We include a checklist of the most common appliances/features.

3. People would often call on behalf on a friend or family member, and state "I'll tell them about your caravan" - We provide visitors with the option of emailing your page to a friend, downloading and printing it.

4. As you would expect people would call constantly to check availability - We provide a build-in calendar system.

5. People would always ask us, do you have your own web site - You can link to your own web site, if you have one.

6. If you don't have your own web site, you can use your Flamingoland Rentals URL as your homepage, meaning you can link to it on your Facebook/Twitter pages.

7. We always got asked questions regarding Flamingoland itself - We offer a page dedicated to the park, including park entry prices and directions.

8. As owners we were very proud of our caravans ( as we're sure you are too), and loved getting feedback from our guests. Positive feedback from previous guests will give any potential future guests more confidence to book with you - You can now ask your guests to return to our web site and rate your caravan).

9. We didn't really want our email address displayed all over the internet - We provide you with your own contact form, which whilst nothing can stop spam completely, this will really help keep it to a minimum, as your email address is hidden.

10: We're sure you'll want to know how many visitors are looking at your particular caravan, not just the web site as a whole -  Each owners page has it's very own hit counter, allowing you to see the number of visitors to your individual page, and monitor how well Flamingoland Rentals is working for you.

10. Last but by no means least, we wanted quality advertising at an affordable price - Flamingoland Rentals is packed with really useful features for both owners and visitors and with advertising costing from only £55 per caravan per year, we are confident we have covered both those areas, and feedback from our members say they totally agree.

Taking all the above into account and adding some additional features too, we developed Flamingoland Rentals, which we have to say we are extremely proud of!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch Contact Flamingoland Rentals or by calling us on 019466234.

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